Mediation Foundation for Peace and Justice




Mediation is the most efficient way of achieving just outcomes to conflict. As an opportunity for the parties to talk to each other directly it resolves conflict expeditiously, inexpensively and in a dignified manner. It restores relationships and goodwill transforming conflict into lasting and positive outcomes, bringing peace, justice and economic wellbeing.

Conflict invariably causes pain and suffering. If left unresolved it often results in bloodshed, the destruction of property and threatens humanity potentially at every level.

South Africa is seen as a world leader in peace co-existence and conflict resolution. It’s reputation has however been tarnished by its current inability to overcome conflict. Intead of mediating South Africans in conflict either resort to violence or challenge one another in court.

Unresolved conflict in the agricultural, mining, education and other public and private service delivery sectors cripples the economy. The health industry in particular is in a severe state of crisis. It has accordingly become critical to resolve conflict efficiently in this and in many other sectors.

The time has come for South Africa to again become an example to the world on how to transform conflict through mediation rather than litigation.

Our motto “Keep Talking”, recognises that peace, justice and the wellbeing of all will only come to our land and the world, if consensual and dignified solutions to conflict are explored.

We are politically non-aligned and our vision is to transform the way in which South Africans of all political and ideological persuasions resolve conflict and disputes.

To realise the vision of the Foundation, it intends to raise funds to:

  • Create wide spread public awareness and education on the potential of mediation to:
  • Achieve just outcomes in a cost effective and efficient manner, including but not limited to medical negligence disputes.
  • Create a safe environment for parties to talk directly to each other and to make informed decisions about how best they can resolve their differences.
  • Give impetus to the adoption of mediation in all spheres, including to make quality and impartial mediation services accessible to all South Africans
  • Overcome barriers to the use of mediation by funding the development and implementation of a pre-mediation clause.
  • Enable indigent disputants to have access to quality and independent mediation services.
  • Introduce and regulate mediators to work as peacemakers in communities throughout South Africa.
  • Develop mechanisms for the early flagging of problems and the exchange of digital data for scientific analysis to secure early interventions and problem solving.